The Greatest Eye Deception in The Universe!

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Please read from the beginning of the post for deep understanding.

Obviously not a few of you asking what the heck is the greatest eye trickery/deception had ever been done in this universe. It turns out that the greatest eye deception is the one that we're already experiencing every day.

The Greatest Eye Deception is...

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The Night Sky

Why The Night Sky is The Greatest Eye Deception?

So here are the explanation:
If you are looking toward the sky at night and if by luck the sky is clear without cloud, you are able to see a lot of stars laying on the sky.

Did you ever imagine that the star we are looking at is in fact, a sun. It's similar to the sun that we have in our solar system. Because of the distance is quite far away from our earth, then the sun looks very small and blinking. But in reality the stars are actually have the shape similar to our sun, even the size itself is larger than our sun.

The Sun

The sun that we have is about 200 times of the Earth's diameter. Its contents are the hydrogen gas which reacted thermonuclear-ly into helium gas. While there are stars whose size ten times or even hundred times larger compared to the size of our sun. The largest sun ever found, VY Canis Majoris is even reach about 500 times of our sun or 100 thousand times the size of the earth that we inhabit.

Sun vs VY Canis Majoris

So large in size, but looks so small to us isn't it? Yes, it's because the stars located at distant place far away from the earth. For example in science, the astronomy stated the distance of the particular star is about 8 light-years. What does it mean? It means the light itself takes 8 years to reach the particular star.

So if it is calculated in kilometers:
The speed of light is 300,000 km per second (about 186,000 miles per second). So if light takes 8 years to get to the star, means the distance is
8 years x 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds x 300,000 km = 75,686,400,000,000 miles or about 75 trillion kilometers. What an unimaginable distances! :O

Speed of Light

The number of star in this universe is trillions. Every 100 billion of stars form a cluster namely Galaxy. The cluster that we live in is called the Milky Way Galaxy. Next to it there are Andromeda and Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.  There are billions of galaxies in the universe. And the tremendous thing is every 100 billion galaxies forming a Galaxies Cluster called the Super-Cluster, and so on. The universe is not yet known of its boundary.
Milky Way

Milky Way

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What is the distance between cluster?
It varies. There are within 100 light years which means light itself takes 100 years in order to reach there. There are 1000 light-years and even a million light-years away. And the most far discovered by Japanese Scientist is 10 billion light-years. Yes, it's true the light itself takes 10 billion years. Moreover our age means nothing compared to the greatness of this universe.

So have you ever imagine that the sun we had just look now is the sun we look 8 minutes ago? How come it's not the sun we look at the current time?
Because the sun's light takes 8 minutes to reach Earth which is 150 million kilometers away from the sun. Meaning, the sun that we see at the time was the sun 8 minutes ago! weird isn't it? That's because light also takes time to arrive its destination.

It still have the same understanding for the distant stars. If we're watching the star which its distant 100 million light-years, then in reality we are just watching the appearance of the star 100 million years ago!
So with such fact that if we looked at the night sky then we are in fact do not only see the present sky, but at the same time we're looking the sky of 1000 years ago, a million years ago and even 10 billion years ago.

And that is the Greatest Eye Deception we have experienced everyday unknowingly :)


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