Saturday, 20 August 2011

This Chinese Guy buy a Car with 300 Kilograms of Coins!

Shaanxi - This guy tried to buy a car at a car dealership in the city of Xianyang China with coins, weighing around 300 kilograms. On 1 August, Wang brought the coins amounting 60 thousand yuan, or approximately US$ 9000 to a car dealership located in Shaanxi Province, China.

Wang, who is a flour seller in Xianyang, transporting his ton of coins with cars. The coins were collected by using seven sack of previously sack of flour. As reported by China Daily on Wednesday (08/03/2011), the car dealer find it difficult to find banks that accept coins, eventually they find a bank agrees to count the coins.

Wang could not immediately bring his new dream car home because the bank is still counting the coins which Wang had been saving for 10 years. He did so because he believe as long as the coin is valid, the coins are legal tender.

Amazing isn't it? Saving for 10 years to buy a car requires a strong perseverance.


AlissaBonds said...

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AlissaBonds said...

It definitely is amazing. I would've just looked for a service taking bad credit car loans, though.

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