Monday, 9 May 2011

80 Years Old Granny Still Earn £1,000 a Day in Her Modelling! [PICS]

In the modelling world, it turn out a 80 years old grandma who still exist/work as a model. salute to her! 80 years old people is considered as a senior age/old age which most of them enjoying their old age but this grandma still devoting his life to her career. What a persistence woman!

In her young age, she was obsessed with beauty, Daphne Selfe is a 60-year-old active in modelling, thanks to a elegant posture, good cheekbones and long shiny hair, although no longer black. At the age of 80, she is currently the oldest model in the British catwalk model.

Daphne Selfe is a model from Baldock, Hertford-shire. Daphne herself was originally start a career in modeling at the age of 20 at which he entered in a modeling competition.

It was Daphne who became the winner. She was working in the same model agency where Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell heads.

And now in the age of 80, Daphne is still a model with an income of £ 1000 a day.
And not only that, this granny who have four grandchildren was regarded as a model of the UK's oldest and still able to become a model for top labels such as Dolce and Gabbana, Tata-Naka, Michiko Koshino.

Then how can Daphne can still exist in the world model huh?

She is maintaining her appearance by eating healthy foods and doing yoga.
'The young model admired me but they're not really jealous. I'm not a threat. I have a niche area that is suitable for my age. " said Daphne.

So until when Daphne stop to be a model, huh?

'I'm still going to dive in modeling until they stop asking me. "
I love it - it's fun and keep me young. "said Daphne.

Below is some of her pictures during her young age and old age. check it out

Supergran? Certainly is. What do you think of her?


Stephanie Fortunata said...

cool , sixty years old still slim :O 

Stephanie Fortunata said...

sexy gran lol 

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